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  • Hip & Humble at the Liberty Park Market
    June 25 2018

    by Jane Stringham //

    At H & H, we like to keep up with neighborhood happenings.  The Liberty Park Market is one of our latest!  When the Friday night gem turned one year old in June, our staff was on hand to peruse its goods. Local offerings include veggies, handmade crafts, and all the other usu...

  • Glass Ceilings and Mother's Day Brunch
    April 30 2018


    “Women like to be close,” said Jo of our Mother’s Day makeover at 9th and 9th — a makeover of the front room, that is.  Earlier this month, what’s been lovingly referred to as the “living room” (did you know our flagship store used to be a home?) became the locale for a celebrati...

  • A Fête of Footwear: Spring Arrivals (And a Party!) at H&H
    April 8 2018

    by Jane Stringham//

    Fly London, our favorite English import, and the ever-comfortable Miz Mooz, have been Hip & Humble staples for years.  But today on the blog, we’d like to introduce you to two relatively recent newcomers: OTBT (Off The Beaten Track) and the outdoor-friendly Sorel.  Their introdu...

  • Spring Travel with H&H: Craft A Vacation Unique To You
    March 15 2018

    by Jane Stringham//

    What are your vacation priorities?  Knowing what you value most—be it family bonding, peace of mind, spontaneity, or simply maximizing cash—can inform the way you pack that suitcase (or carry-on!)  For H&H owner Sheridan and her fam, it's a little bit of everything.  Read on for ...

  • More to Love: Valentine's Giveaway, 2018
    February 4 2018

    by Jane Stringham //

    Years ago, AJ Wentworth’s chance encounter with one raw cocoa bean marked the nascence of his now-burgeoning company, the Chocolate Conspiracy.  Fast forward to 2018, and your favorite local boutique is stocking a Chocolate Conspiracy x Hip & Humble collab: raw cacao laced with ...

  • H&H Spreads Local Love
    December 10 2017

    By Sheridan Mordue//

    A few weeks ago I got to sit down with some friends over coffee and lovely little cookies and talk about biz, community and lots and lots of LOVE!

    Meet John and Casee who are the fab duo behind Amour Spreads and the cute café by the park, Café Amour. John and Casey are pow...

  • H&H Holiday Gift Guide, 2017
    December 5 2017

    by Jane Stringham //

    Hip & Humble Holiday Gift Guide, 2017

    Who better to write our annual gift guide than Hip & Humble family itself?  If you’ve explored our flagship store, you already know that its carefully curated nooks and crannies mirror those of a home; and our staff picks run the gamut o...

  • Creating Space in our Communities
    November 17 2017

    by Sheridan Mordue //

    For nearly 20 years, I have filled my Hip & Humble shops with goodies for the Holidays.  I max our credit line for little baubles, silly socks, European shoes, and smelly soaps.  Sleepless nights are the norm, painstaking merchandising a must, late night trainings with staff are...

  • Fall, We're Coming for You!                  Autumn Fashion at H&H
    September 17 2017

    by Jane Stringham//

    Whoever said that two’s company and three’s a crowd missed the point completely—read on to see how fall fashion and a quick mountain getaway can really bring a girl gang together!

    We’re pretty much channeling stylish female trios from pop culture past.  So, which girl group was y...

  • Back-to-School the H&H Way
    August 3 2017

    by Jane Stringham //

    As autumn looms, familial tones shift.  Gone are kiddos’ days of rocking PJs till lunchtime, gone are lazy poolside afternoons and rowdy late-night games with other local littles.  At H&H, we welcome the season!  It’s a chance to regroup, plan and dream for both ourselves and our...

  • H&H Creates, Crafts and Explores at the Downtown Farmers' Market
    July 12 2017

    by Jane Stringham //

    The Downtown Farmers' Market offers endless possibilities.  With connections to the earth and to their craft, farmers and artisans give SLC locals the chance to plan meals, create friendships, and nourish their bodies through infinite combos of goodies.  And, every market is diff...

  • The Wanderer's Toolkit: Our Travel Bag Essentials
    June 13 2017

    by Jane Stringham //

    We can’t all have magical carpet bags à la Mary Poppins, but what we do have is better: a list of Sheridan’s tried and true travel bag essentials.

    Between traveling for coastal US markets and international jet setting, she’s thoughtfully refined what stays and what goes! Read on...