Notes to our Moms: Mother's Day the H&H Way

by Jane Stringham //

For small business owners, the borders between heart, work, and home always seem to blur. It’s no secret that our Hip & Humble heart, the company anchor, pours into work at the same cadence that it pours into friends n' family— mothers included!
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With that in mind, H&H owner Sheridan gathered our gaggle of the hippest and most humble women together at Cucina, a favorite local Avenues’ haunt, for a preemptive Mother’s Day Brunch.
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On the list of celebratory to-dos: lauding women as leaders in the workplace, reveling in the wellspring of grace that is the H&H heart, and, of course, connecting that H&H heart with the H&H work community.
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When women lead in the workplace, like they do at H&H, connection and collaboration become priorities. When businesses like ours are staffed with exclusively female teams, connections with clients, colleagues and products are extensions of our generous, passionate selves. And yet, at H&H we are not defined by our work. Rather, we actively define our work by assuming passionate leadership roles. We learned how to lead and to follow our hearts from the mothering, trailblazing women who came before us; so this month on the blog we're saying, “thanks!” Read on for notes of gratitude from H&H staff to the women who inspire them, along with a peek at our celebration brunch.
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"My mother Karen is the most kind-hearted person I know.  Her whole life has been dedicated to her children and their successes.  I have never met anyone as selfless as she is. She is always giving without expectation.  Everyone's best interest is always in her heart and she is the first to volunteer to help.  Growing up I was so lucky because my mom came to my class a couple of times a month to volunteer and do crafts.  I remember being so proud that she was my mom and I have felt the same way everyday since!!  From PTA extraordinaire to wedding florist, caretaker to mother and the best gardener in the neighborhood, Karen does it all.  I admire her strength and poise especially during the challenging times of life.  I hope to be half as amazing a mama as Karen one day.  She is my voice of reason, psychologist, problem solver and best friend.  I love you with all of my heart, mom!  Happy Mother's Day.  XOXO" (From SLC Manager Ashley to Mom, Karen)
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"My mom has always been a great example of success. She believes in doing what you love. From starting her own business to becoming a teacher, she has always done what has brought her joy. She pushes me to follow my passions and do my best, and for that I love her." (From Staffer Rachel to Mom)
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"My mom: my everything, my best friend, mentor, caregiver, therapist, and many more. Thank you for listening to my rants about boys, listening to me cry, answering my weird questions, loving me unconditionally and being the most selfless person I know. Thank you for guiding me on the right path to success and watching me spread my wings and fly. She deserves the world and only the best. Although we don't talk like we used to, just remember you were my first friend and have always been my best. I love you! Happy Mother's Day!" (From Staffer Isabel to Mom)
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"One thing I will always remember about my mom is her famous card signature. Every card for a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day ends with the line, 'you make my heart smile.' It's something I will always remember about my mom. She is so supportive of me, in all aspects of my life. I can't imagine anyone being there for me as much as my mom. She is so inspiring, and I hope that one day I will be half the mom that she is. I truly feel so lucky to have her as my mom. She makes every day so special in the little things she does, whether she gets recognized for it or not. She is so humble and caring, which is an impeccable combination. I love you, Mom!!" (From Staffer Chloe to Mom)
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Thanks to the gang at Cucina for hosting us, and to our moms and loved ones for sharing their company on this cloudy springtime day.
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From our Hip & Humble hearts to yours, Happy Mother's Day! 

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