H&H Creates, Crafts and Explores at the Downtown Farmers' Market

by Jane Stringham //

The Downtown Farmers' Market offers endless possibilities.  With connections to the earth and to their craft, farmers and artisans give SLC locals the chance to plan meals, create friendships, and nourish their bodies through infinite combos of goodies.  And, every market is different!  Sheridan, Ashley and Jo explored this past weekend’s midsummer fete—read on to see what and who they unearthed in the process.


Local farmers and foodies can be great sources of recipe inspo, but we recommend diving into some personal research prior to your visit.  Our latest cookbook arrivals can help! 


“Eat a rainbow!” they say.  From selecting the best produce to pairing unique flavors, Cooking From the Farmers' Market supports you in your quest to eat like a leprechaun.  Gift one to yourself or your favorite veggie-loving localist. 


Next, Grow, Cook, Eat mixes gardening tips with practical harvesting and cooking guidance. 


And, if all else fails, running into local friends like Frida Bistro’s Jorge Fierro can help you score some tips on utilizing that summer bounty. 


Taste doesn’t stop at design and fashion, friends.  While we stock a tasteful array of H&H apparel and décor, we are also bona fide lovers of food and flavor!


The farmers’ market helps us reawaken our taste buds, and H&H's latest kitchen gadgets can attest to that fact.  Jo, Sheridan and Ashley brought home tasty local corn, kale, and brussels sprouts, then prepped their finds in a flash with our new products from Chef’n.


Go cob-less with our corn stripper!


Then, strip kale leaves from their stubborn stems.  Our kale stripper works for other greens, too (think chard, rosemary, and thyme).


The Twist'N Sprout could inspire your kids to stage both a sing-along and a healthy meal. Once ready, our veggies made their home in sustainably sourced nesting bowls.


Speaking of tastes, let’s circle back to fashion: pastel patterns, prints and pops of color dominate our farmers’ market gear.  Bare some shoulder in this maxi by Tart Collections, or knot our hi-lo University Stripe shirt to pair with high-waisted denim.  A pop of color in the footwear department never hurt, either!   


Fashionably speaking, we also traded our Hobo bags and Fossil totes for PackIt’s Freezable Grocery Bag and our H&H Collapsible Market basket. 


Our striped grocery bag boasts built-in, freezable gel—you'll never stress over wilted greens again!


And, our basket's canvas construction makes it completely reusable.

What did you unearth at your latest farmers’ market visit?  Next time, stop By H&H in Bountiful or SLC en route to 300 South and 300 West.  We’ll let you in on our favorite market booths, and, as always, outfit your endless possibilities.


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