Back-to-School the H&H Way

by Jane Stringham //

As autumn looms, familial tones shift.  Gone are kiddos’ days of rocking PJs till lunchtime, gone are lazy poolside afternoons and rowdy late-night games with other local littles.  At H&H, we welcome the season!  It’s a chance to regroup, plan and dream for both ourselves and our beloved broods.  When you start needing fewer popsicles and more no. 2 pencils, less sunscreen and more safety scissors, stop by our storefronts! 
H&H's back-to-school collection uplifts, sustains, and carries both you and your budding scholars from summer into fall.  But first, well-fueled moms mean well-prepared kids.
Ditch your daily paper cup for this sunny yellow tumbler.  Stainless steel keeps coffee hot for 9 hours and iced lattes chilled for up to 3.
Next, infuse your students’ school supplies with individuality and magic.  First lesson: Unicorns and rainbows go together like PB & J.
Before we bond over lunchtime prep, let’s talk about our scented glitter pens and slew of quirky pencil cases—unicorns included—along with all the mythical notebooks that wait to record your little’s goals.  Are you setting them this season, too?  We know we are.
In fact, some H&H ladies are coeds themselves!  And freezable, patterned Pack-It Lunch sacks take us from campus to work—they keep things hot or cool for hours. 
Like us, you can rest easy knowing your students' greens are fresh and homemade soups are steamy. 
But between meal planning and your own passion projects, it can be tough to stay as organized as your student’s lunch box. 
Why don’t you channel summer florals with our garden party planner?  Utilize that weekday, eight-to-three pm mom time down to the very last minute.     
And while you’re cruising through those weekly to-dos, know that our grid-print backpack by welcomes notebooks, lunch bags, and all the straight-A fixins'. 
We won’t judge you one bit if you snatch up a backpack for both your student and yourself.
Finally, when basics (lunch and unicorns!) are taken care of, go beyond the note-in-the-lunchbox cliché and gift her something tangible: her first matching jewelry set.  She’ll reach for the charm around her neck every time she misses Mom or stumbles over a multiplication table! 
Once you stop holding onto summer, count on H&H to hold your coffee, your lunch, your glitter pens and all your unicorn dreams!  We'll help you and your littles to plan a memorable, productive season.  Shop our back-to-school picks here.

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