H&H Holiday Gift Guide, 2017

by Jane Stringham //

Hip & Humble Holiday Gift Guide, 2017


Who better to write our annual gift guide than Hip & Humble family itself?  If you’ve explored our flagship store, you already know that its carefully curated nooks and crannies mirror those of a home; and our staff picks run the gamut of the house: from powder room to boudoir and back again, you’ll find something from every room for everybody on your list.  Click product names for full item details, and read on!  Welcome to our home.

From the Powder Room


Regan on About Face Cosmetic Bags:
“I love these makeup bags as a gift because they have the funniest and most relatable sayings printed onto their durable canvas exteriors. They are a good price for any college girlfriend gifts and the perfect size." Staff favorites include, Makeup fades, tacos are forever and, You think I'm listening but really I'm just doing your brows in my head.


Jo on Panier Des Sens Honey Cream: “I love anything natural, and that's what Panier Des Sens is all about. They use plant products with subtle textures and delicate scents. Honey and propolis is my favorite!”


Madison on Beekman Hand Salve: “Beekman makes my skin feel so soft.  The product is incredibly gentle but it works wonders, not to mention it smells amazing!”

From the Boudoir


Sheridan on the Luxe PJ Salvage Robe: “
Ask my family if I’m a robe gal, and the answer is YES!  One for every season.  But I don’t own this new robe at the shop yet, it’s on my wish list!  It was so hard to take it off after the photo shoot (just ask all my staff and customers).  In this robe, you’ll feel luxurious and comfy-cozy at the same time.  I think this is an extra special gift for the most important women in your life, or the perfect way to spoil the most important women in your life.”


Ashley on Lemon Slippers:
“If you love being cozy as much as I do, then you will LOVE these slippers!  Wearing them is like sliding your foot into a slice of heaven.  This is another perfect gift for all of the ladies in your life!”

From the Pantry


Chloe on La Barba Coffee and H&H Mugs: “I drink coffee every day, and this kind is my favorite. I love all of our adorable mugs, especially the ones with the funny phrases like, ‘Big cup of ambition.’ They look so cute wrapped up with the coffee inside—a perfect Christmas gift.”


Isabel on Juniper Mint Countertop Spray and the Eco Scrubby:
“I love the eco scrubby for getting all the gross leftovers off of pans after you've cooked a yummy meal for the fam or the roommate!  The countertop spray is perfect for surfaces post kitchen clean, and makes everything smell so good.  Plus, it eliminates yucky food odors.  Pair these two together for fantastic holiday hostess gifts!”

From the Lounge


Jenn on Winter White Illume and Matches:
“This candle smells just like Christmas to me!  Also, the beautiful packaging of the candle and matches dresses up the coffee table.”



If you’re an H&H lifer, you know we offer a slew of pre-wrapped goodies this time of year. If you’re new to our lifestyle boutique, then you can see from our photos just how many bow-bedecked gifts await you on these shelves!  As always, consult our staff for tricky gift list names--we love a good challenge.


There you have it, dear readers, from our house to yours.  Come explore H&H in Bountiful or Salt Lake--our doors are always open. Snow day?  Feeling cozy?  Shop online at hipandhumble.com.

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