Spring Travel with H&H: Craft A Vacation Unique To You

by Jane Stringham//

What are your vacation priorities?  Knowing what you value most—be it family bonding, peace of mind, spontaneity, or simply maximizing cash—can inform the way you pack that suitcase (or carry-on!)  For H&H owner Sheridan and her fam, it's a little bit of everything.  Read on for her tried-and-true packing tips (fueled by our versatile Hip & Humble inventory, of course) to craft a vacation as unique as your family.  And in our case, it’s a family of seven (including two H&H gals) dreaming and planning for Costa Rican beaches.


For Sure Bets

If you need some concrete peace of mind before traipsing down the runway, we have a mashup of travel must-haves and packing must-dos:


First, never check a bag and always travel with carry-ons + totes. Big families with packs on their backs or carry-ons close by will stick together, especially in new (read: distracting!) foreign places.  Packing light makes living like a local (think public transit fraught with turnstyles, bus stairs and train platforms) go much more smoothly. 

Sheridan travels with her carry-on and our newest Hobo bag: the Hero Tote.  This structured leather piece has a truly heroic amount of pockets!  Use them to organize all things “travel” that bring you peace of mind.

Inside Sheridan’s Hobo tote you’ll find:

A phone and laptop—‘cause sometimes we can’t completely disconnect from life (or H&H) back home.
A lipstick bag chock-full of options.
Tokyo Milk perfume—freshen up once you’re wheels down!
An inspiring journal.
Beekman Chapstick and Hand Cream—be warned: like Sheridan’s, your SO might ask you to share. Constantly.
A scarf—aka plane blanket, beach cover-up, sarong, or hair accessory.  Other accessory ideas here, here and here.
Earbud organizer—find your headphones easily inside a large tote.

And here’s a tip: keep items like band-aids, hand cream, perfume, mini toothbrushes, travel-sized sunscreen, all-purpose wipes, and waterproof mascara inside a separate ditty bag.


Band-aids will battle blisters for family daredevils and explorers.  (Look here for a comfy travel shoe option!)  Mini toothbrushes and perfume will help you freshen up post-plane; and waterproof mascara is a must for water-centric vacations.  (Not normally a waterproof makeup fan, Sheridan buys a drugstore brand just for the trip and throws it out once home!)

Inside Regan’s Pistil Bag (just in at Salt Lake and Bountiful) you’ll find:

Blue Q Bags—Regan uses these quirky pouches for cash and cosmetics.
Beekman Sweet Grass Lip Balm—other flavors include Vanilla, Fig Leaf and Grapefruit.
A Travel Sipper—Beach, pool or balcony, Regan keeps her water nearby.
Small and Silly Reads—For Regan, vacation means light leisure-reading. Try I Hope You Find Me: The Love Poems of Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

For Spontaneity

Keep these items on-hand for some wiggle-room in your itinerary.



Scout Bags—Any large Scout style collapses flat into your carry-on—what a space-saver! Sheridan uses hers for beach/pool bags, grocery runs, or even spontaneous picnics.  “And if we overindulge in our trinket-buying,” she says, “then I have an extra big bag to pack all the goodies home.”
Corkcicle Mugs—Traveler mugs will save you cash. Sheridan has been known to ask local bartenders for area-specific drink recipes, and then spend all week perfecting her own version.  Try pouring some coffee or juice inside as you take your morning stroll.        


For those Mercurial Moods

But never blues!  Remember, you’re on vacation.  These items will remind you:


Travel candle—What if your hotel smells less than relaxing? What if you want to set the mood for your SO?  Draw a bath and read by candlelight?  Personalize your balcony?  “Travel candle” is the answer to all of these.
Tarot Cards—Regan keeps Tarot cards in her Pistil Bag and reads them for family members at night.
Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian’s Guide to Traveling In StyleTurn to this book for a vacation pick-me-up. Artful photos + creatives' insights on local gems—think vintage shops, after-hours dancing, and style rooted deeply in place—will pull you out of any rut.

Finally, if you won’t be wheels-down in some exotic locale this spring, know that our round-up of travel items still helps to weather turbulence on the home-front.  Shop in-store or online here.  




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