A COVID-19 Self-Care Guide, Parents' Edition

Jane Stringham

Posted on October 07 2020

A COVID-19 Self-Care Guide, Parents' Edition

What’s helping you feel like you right now? What’s helping you to create balance, and extend the periods of time in your day when you feel calm? Who knows that the answers to these questions are ten times more complicated if you’re parenting or caretaking during COVID-19?

We do. We see you, parents!

We see you working from home, working on the front lines, facilitating online school and carving out spaces in your home where each family member can do their thing. Your short-term memories may be fried, you might be wearing so many hats your neck is strained, and you just might decide Halloween candy is an acceptable alternative to takeout. Sound familiar? 

We can’t send you a personal assistant, a masseuse or an in-house cook, but we have created this three-pronged approach for parents and caretakers to feel more like themselves right now, with a little help from H&H’s carefully curated fall offerings, of course!


Routines help many of us to feel anchored. Knowing what your day will hold — or even just 1/5 of your day! — can create more of those moments where you look in the mirror and say, “hey, I recognize you!” And it’s not so much about micro-managing, but rather creating more predictability. Let us help you rely on you!

Weekdays Planner

This thoughtfully organized agenda will keep you more organized than those "days of the week" underwear sets. Really. With monthly overviews, weekly breakdowns and daily task lists, you'll actually want to open its cute yellow elastic and crack the charming pink spine.

One Line A Day Journal 

5 years, 1825 lines. Of events, reflections, of day-to-day mundanities beautiful in their simplicity — why wouldn't you want to remember?

One List a Day Journal

Sunshine, succulents and a good ole list. That's how we like to journal. This is a newer "one-a-day" iteration; its engaging prompts, about everything from childhood to travel, make a sweet gift for someone who wants to journal but doesn't know where to start. Like yourself, perhaps? 

Grow with Me Pouch Journal

Ever have a truly inspired thought, and find yourself without a pen? Kind of like Alanis Morissette with 10,000 spoons when all she needs is a knife? Let this pouch journal solve your problem and organize your life!

Scratch and Scribble Art Kits

While you’re planning and self-reflecting, hand your kiddo a guided art kit. Turn twenty minutes into a grounding and expressive time for each of you!


We can’t be hustlin’, million-different-hat-wearing, attentive and supportive parents if we’re not nourishing our bodies! Do your family a solid and make the kitchen a friendlier, simpler place. Because those two things are not actually mutually exclusive. If cooking a solid meal every night seems like madness, why not aim for 2-3 nights a week to start? We think these tools will help.

Keeping it Simple Cookbook

Fahr's book features over 60 drool-worthy one-pot recipes for those weeknights when you just can't even. Let her witty musings on cooking and life remind you that yes, you actually can!

Silicone Whisks

With two hues available, these flexible silicone whisks are already color-coded for you and your little. Let the co-cooking adventures commence.

Spanish and French Flashcards

Kids' brains need nourishment, too! Once you set your oven timer, go sit outside with these portable Spanish and French flashcards.   


Who else is going to do it for you? Let us help! Self-care is holistic; journaling or using your planner are important, but so is taking time to care for your skin, your joints and even your surroundings. You'll only enhance the benefits of staying organized and well-fueled! Here’s how we're helping you take good care this season.

Herbivore Products

We are thrilled to be carrying Herbivore's natural, vegan and cruelty-free line of body care. Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub, Phoenix Facial Oil and the Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Mask can all be found on our shelves and our site.  

Cosmetic Bags

Makeup, snacks, your mini Nintendo Switch...this set can hold many things! Keep whatever you want to keep secret, and still keep on your bathroom counter, inside one or both of these floral or canine zip beauties.

PJ Salvage Wildflower Thermals

It's thoughtful details, like cute raglan topstitching, a decorative ribbon, and dainty little buttons, that make this fall floral PJ set extra special. Did we mention how soft it is?

Faux Fur Tiger Slippers

Our faux fur tiger slipper is lined with super soft sherpa fleece and, like any true tiger's paws, features a molded sole so you can wear these outside and still have a bit of protection + all the coziness. Perfect for dropping the kids off at school or those curbside pickup kinds of errands!


Gold Sherpa-lined Coat 

With its slight crop, drop shoulders and extra large pockets, this cozy sherpa-lined coat will make you look a little more polished while also making you feel that yes, indeed, you are still wearing your pajamas!

Longline Sherpa Jacket

Dare we call this "polar bear chic?" We think we do. A furry longline jacket with an even furrier collar hits below hip level for extra warmth and layerability. 

Camille Coat

Both feminine and trendy, this checked green coat has truly timeless appeal. One front button and slightly dropped shoulders make the Camille feel casual but never unpolished.

Thanks for reading, you parenting superheroes! 

Shop our Self-Care, Covid-19 Parents’ Edition picks by clicking through the photos or links above, and remember that we offer free same-day delivery in the SLC metro area on purchases over $30 or more! You could be more organized, nourished and cared for in just a few hours! Get on it! And keep taking good care. 

We're safely open in 4 locations: our flagship store in 9th and 9th, at Station Park in Farmington, in Bountiful, and now at the SLC airport, and we’re always open online.


Your partners in parenting at Hip & Humble 

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