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Icelandic Bar Soap

Icelandic Bar Soap


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After the year they've had, give your hands a hand! Nurse your skin back to health with these gentle, Icelandic soaps, made from Icelandic kelp, moss and Angelica Herb and anti-oxidant essential oils. Each one smells different and protects your hands in a different way!

Icelandic Moss: Smells like warm sage, soft wood and earthy green moss, with just a hint of fresh lemon. Great all skin types, especially acne/oily skin prone skin. 
Icelandic Kelp: Smells like fresh air hitting your face, perfectly chilled cucumber and a well-balanced hint of citrus on your salad. Great for congested skin in need of some detox. 
Icelandic Angelica Herb:  Smells like crisp, cool, clean Icelandic air with just a hint of earthy sweetness. Ideal for all skin types, especially those in need of extra hydration and balance. 

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