Oliver Ceramic Candle Jar

Oliver Ceramic Candle Jar


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All the other candles can't hold a candle to...this candle. (See what we did there?) Twisted rope and stone give the Oliver a nautical air; its unexpected scents are equally crisp.

Light after cleaning the kitchen to mimic a day at sea.

Available in 4 Scents:

Grey Lavender - fresh bergamot, calming white tea, lavender and  cleansing woods
Mineral Thyme - sea salt, wild thyme, soft waterlily, brisk woods
Petigrain Basil - garden basil, petigrain, lemon blossoms, deep vetiver
Rosewater Sage - eucalyptus, sage, rosewater, warm amber

10.2 oz
50 hour burn time

Hip & Humble

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