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Colorful Wine Cooling Cups

Colorful Wine Cooling Cups


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Even if you're an "ice-in-my-wine" devotee, we think these colorful wine cooling cups are about to change your mind. Not much is better than a pre-chilled, ergonomic glass ready and waiting for your go-to red or white! And if you splurged on a pricier vintage, you can keep your wine at sommelier-approved temperatures without watering it down. 

One last thing: there's a glass color here for *almost* every day of the week. Just sayin'.  

Proprietary cooling gel, keeps wine at stable temps for hours.
Refrigerate glasses for reds (58-62 degrees Fahrenheit), and keep them chilling in the freezer for whites (43-53 degrees Fahrenheit).
Available in pink, smoke, tangerine, lavender, marble, and translucent ice. 
8.5 ounce capacity.

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