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Colorful Wine Cooling Cups

Colorful Wine Cooling Cups

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Even if you're an "ice-in-my-wine" devotee, we think these colorful wine cooling cups are about to change your mind. Not much is better than a pre-chilled, ergonomic glass ready and waiting for your go-to red or white! And if you splurged on a pricier vintage, you can keep your wine at sommelier-approved temperatures without watering it down. 

One last thing: there's a glass color here for *almost* every day of the week. Just sayin'.  

Available in pink, smoke, tangerine, lavender, marble, and translucent ice. 


Glass Proprietary, cooling gel, keeps wine at stable temps for hours.


8.5 oz capacity.

Care Instructions

Refrigerate glasses; for reds (58-62 degrees Fahrenheit), and keep them chilling in the freezer for whites (43-53 degrees Fahrenheit).

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