Petitgrain Basil Clean House Suite

Petitgrain Basil Clean House Suite


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Spring has sprung! In your kitchen, at least. Make the rites of spring (cleaning) a little bit fresher, a little bit cleaner and a little bit classier with this clean kitchen toolkit by Illume. Torn garden basil leaves meet a peppery petitgrain, lemon blossoms and vetiver in these four perfumed products. 

Oliver Jar Candle:
Finish off your cleaning with a candle.
50 Hours Burn Time
10.2 oz

Dish Soap:
Condition your hands and gently clean your dishes.
16.5 oz.

Hand Soap:
Aloe vera soothes and olive oil moisturizes. 
8 fl oz

Counter Spray:
Leave a light, fresh scent on your freshly cleaned counters.
16.5 oz.

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