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At H & H, we like to keep up with neighborhood happenings.  The Liberty Park Market is one of our latest!  When the Friday night gem turned one year old in June, our staff was on hand to peruse its goods. Local offerings include veggies, handmade crafts, and all the other usual suspects (think blooms, ice cream, and food truck fare).     

regan liberty market sign best 1878

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In the end, we found that shopping the Liberty Park Market is actually a lot like shopping Hip & Humble.  Here's how:

Shop Local

One of the best parts about shopping the Liberty Park Market is the sense of community—we grabbed a slice of our SLC staff, and ran into several friends along the way.

3girls shopping 1964

grandmas seasonings 1955

regan puppy amazing 2131

Communities come together in pursuit of shared goals.  Even if that’s not much more than finding best cold brew coffee or pear lavender jam (have you tried Amour Spreads?), at the Liberty Park Market we’re all in it together. (H&H is a proud member of Local First Utah, and owner Sheridan serves on its Advisory Board.) 

Think in Color

Selecting food from this Liberty Wells-based market is like prepping a paint palette—choose a rainbow, and you can’t go wrong!  At H&H we like to wear our rainbows, too.  We’ve also learned that any good shopper is like a great collage artist; each sees unique ways to synthesize colors, tastes, and mediums. 

madi smells flowers 20511

If you’re feeling lost, we recommend throwing one of our healthy cookbooks into your market tote.  Let the recipes guide your shopping!  Because palettes and palates are best when they come in color.

oh she glows cookbook 2083

madi carrots 2077

Find Reprieve

Markets like Liberty Park offer a piece of nature right in the middle of a city, and do so in a way that green spaces can’t quite muster on other days of the week.  The presence of food holds the promise of nourishment, yes, but also seems to feed the entire space—if only for a brief, ephemeral evening. 

flowers flowershirt 2242

regan cinnamon bun 2246

Well, not so brief.  The market runs every Friday from 4 pm to dusk on the east side of liberty park.  Now that the Summer Solstice has passed, dusk will start to creep in just a little earlier.  Don’t miss this Liberty Park Market this summer! 

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And on your way out, head up the street to 9th and 9th for our latest summer arrivals.  Products like the signature H&H tote bag and comfortable footwear will help you schlep your Market finds in ever-efficient style.

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