About Us

Would you believe we started out selling tables? Slinging shabby-chic chairs and bookshelves in Salt Lake’s Sugarhouse ‘hood? No? Well, believe it. Because if there’s one thing that’s true about the Hip & Humble brand — and the Hip & Humble woman — it’s that we know how to adapt. We’re not afraid to evolve, learn and make changes! And we do it through dialogue with our community, through an unwavering investment in women’s empowerment, and the causes and products we care about.

We’ve come a long way since our days hawking hope chests, it’s true, and have lovingly grown our little house-turned-boutique in the burgeoning 9th and 9th neighborhood into four locations around the valley! Starting in September 2020, you can even shop H&H before you hop on your plane. We go where you go, and that goes for your values, too.



So, what can you find when you walk into our stores and browse our digital shelves? Well, it’ll be pretty clear that we care about our products – where they’re sourced and what goes into them, how long they’ll last in your closet and in your home. Sustainable ingredients and fibers win out over synthetics and chemicals, and fairly or locally sourced from humans wins out over mass-market goods. This makes our shelves as unique as you, our beloved customer!

Because before anything else, before the perfect 70s-inspired platform, organic laundry soap or timeless gold initial necklace, we think about you, the Hip & Humble woman. What’s important to you? How can we empower you and make you feel valuable, inspired, connected and creative? How can we equip you with the tools you need to create a sustainable lifestyle?

Finally, we’re pretty proud of our street cred on the Utah small business scene — H&H owner Sheridan has served on local business boards and leadership teams — and our longstanding support of the local nonprofit, Women of the World. We are lucky to donate our time and a portion of or annual profits to WoW, which helps forcibly displaced women assimilate into Salt Lake City and become our neighbors, community members and allies in female empowerment.




Salt Lake Magazine 2021 Winner of Best of the Beehive 

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