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Meet Labonita - Our Latest Mural in Fort Lauderdale

Meet Labonita - Our Latest Mural in Fort Lauderdale

Are you dreaming of beautiful beaches, quaint local main street restaurants, and iconic mid-century modern design? Fort Lauderdale is your place. There’s something dreamy and exciting about the atmosphere in Fort Lauderdale, and that’s why Hip & Humble decided to expand our footprint to bring our turquoise dream of unique gifts and styles to the land of splashy fun and meditative relaxation. 

Fort Lauderdale is our most recently opened location, with our favorite design and look so far. Here, you can find all your fave products stocked like our indulgent shower steamers, our silly dish towels, our curated book collection, and our giggle-out-loud socks—plus our fun toys to keep your little ones happy. You’ll feel right at home in our turquoise home away from home.


But, what is really setting our hearts alight in Fort Lauderdale is our new mural you’ll find right outside of our store. We worked with our good friend and talented artist @chrispetersonstudio to put together a fun mural right in the center of the airport!

This mural brings Chris’s creative idea to life while encompassing our vibe here at Hip & Humble. In downtown Salt Lake City, our home base, we’ve got an amazing mural of Mama Bear Ursa on our wall. She added so much life and personality to our building that we wanted to share the fun and bring this idea to the Fort Lauderdale airport. We re-invented Mama Bear Ursa, Florida style. The result? A beautiful and vibrant turtle that we named, “Labonita.”

Chris, our artist, is the master of highlighting his subjects in fluorescent outlines to pack a punch in whatever piece he works on. Emphasizing those colors, his style isreminiscent of the color obsession we have at Hip & Humble, and of the eye-popping collections we hold at our stores. We’ve named our turtle Labonita in hopes that it resonates with our Fort Lauderdale community and our focus on celebrating women. Labonita, like Ursa, represents all the values we cherish at Hip & Humble like feminism, inclusion, community and COLOR. However, now we feel our message is more powerful as we share it with more people around the globe, plus the artful colors in our murals seem to intensify as we include more diverse landscapes and cultures in our network of stores and Humble community.

So, before you head out on your vacation to enjoy the sunny beaches and vibrant life in Fort Lauderdale, be sure to stop by, smile big and get your picture with Queen Labonita. We hope our store—and our mural—can be a sneak peek into all the fun you’re about to have.


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