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Queen Ursa

Queen Ursa


If you haven’t been to our flagship location in a bit, you should make the trip!!!  New sights, new art, and new displays are in every nook of our little turquoise house turned shop.  We’ve spent a lot of time this year pulling our company back together and getting back to some basics.  But with all the return to “normal” we wanted to move forward too.  And to us that meant pushing some new branding and putting out more publicly our beliefs as a professional group of women.

First and most importantly, you can’t miss our new mural.  Waking up every morning to the sun is Queen Ursa and her little cubs.  Ursa was a big goal we set this year to accomplish.  We didn’t know it was going to be Ursa, but we were set on adding some color to our building.  And more than just color and culture we really wanted our message as a company to be present and at the heart of our mural.  We had four words that had to be artistically seen in our mural: Feminism, Inclusion, Color and Community.  Over everything else, as a company, this is what we hope our clients, our friends, our family and our community understand from H&H.  



Our main message at H&H is feminism.  We are a group of women that at our very core believe women’s rights are human rights.  And equal pay is something we think about consistently in our careers.  At the same time we believe that some of our basic instincts as women are protecting those weaker than ourselves, uplifting those less fortunate than ourselves and we believe these instincts are powerful and brazen and we embrace them. This is our Ursa with her cubs. Our flowers are from around the globe and represent the patterns we find on women’s traditional dress.  Along with our mandala, the message includes the inclusivity of all women - all people!  And our rainbow like the words of Salt Lake represent the community and call out our reciprocation of support. And wow…Is the mural electric with color!!!!!!

After Queen Ursa made her debut, we found that she breathed new life into the shop and we realized joy for the future (something that I think we have all been searching for over the last year and half).

This year as we celebrate Small Business Saturday and beat the drum to small businesses nationwide, we hope that you visit any one of our H&H and feel our renewed sense of art and beauty but even more hear our call to all women…We see you, we hear you and we support you.

We’d like to extend a most gracious acknowledgement to @visitsaltlake, @utahartsalliance and @saltlakecountyut for supporting our mural vision and allowing us the opportunity to be a part of the West of Conventional Mural Tour.  And also to our close friend and artist @chrispetersonstudio, thank you beyond!  I still tear up when I see her.  So many hugs to you.

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