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While summer’s been pirouetting across the stage in an open-toed ballet shoe, autumn has been waiting in the wings — clad in supple earth-tone leather — and amassing a cornucopia of fall footwear moves.  This Friday is its debut performance.  That’s right, our shelves of shoes are putting on a show!

Even better?   

You already have tickets!  Yes, you are pre-approved for mimosas and free swag on Friday, October 5, from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, at both Hip & Humble locations. 

But there is one catch: summer sandals aren’t invited.  It’s nothing personal; in fact, we love our warm-weather sidekicks.  It’s just that fall has been pulling late-night rehearsals and can’t wait to show off its hard-won skills (read: lace up lug soles, golden hardware, and silvery embellishments). I mean, it is that inevitable time of year when we stop stretching our sandals thin, stop exposing our toes to falling leaves and start eyeing the booties that have been gracing the H & H Instagram feed

The stars’ agents will be here, too.  That is to say, sales reps from H&H footwear favorites like Kork-Ease, Sorel and OTBT will be making an appearance. 

Take advantage of their expertise! 

Ask your burning questions about weather-proofing investment boots, choosing the best shoe for your lifestyle and, finally, in their personal opinions, which shoe pairs best with your free H & H gift? 



Yes, all shoe show attendees who head home with a shoebox under their arm will be gifted one pair of H & H socks, available in 2 styles (above and below).  



Here’s a sneak peek at some more of our top-billing stars. 

Bangkok Bootie by Miz Mooz

So often, the relationship between fashion and nature is symbiotic; and we’ve found that our lineup takes its cue from autumnal color changes.  The Bangkok, and Lolla and Gallen, are walking and talking a lot like what’s happening outside — think silvery blue morning light and leaves on the brink. 

The Bangkok bootie's moss-green leather fits seamlessly into your fall color palette; stacked heels makes for comfy leaf-stomping.


Lolla Bootie by Sorel

Timeless style?  Check.  Long-lasting comfort?  Check.  Pair your cropped jeans and midi skirts with the Lolla by Sorel.  Two-tone caramel leather and side buckle accents make this bootie a fall must-have.  Check out the second iteration of Lolla here.  The Lolla Cut-Out Bootie features comfort and practicality with stylish cut-out details. 


Galen Silver Slip by A.S. 98

Somewhere between a Moroccan slipper and a working-girl office pump, this silvery slingback will take you far.  Its super soft leather upper and decorative strap studs add just the right amount of bells and whistles.    


The lace-up trend comes in many forms this fall.  Try pairing the lug sole lace-up Explorer with a more feminine dress, or playing up the metallic snakeskin embossing in this OTBT sneaker with a second chic animal print.

Roundtrip Sneaker by OTBT

Shed your summer skin! And then replace it — with this reptilian-embossed sneaker by OTBT.  It's flaunting just the right amount of shine and grit, as you can see, and makes your athleisure looks that much more riveting. 


Explorer Boot by Sorel

Amelia Earhart, Nellie Bly, Sacagawea...and now, you!  Add your name to the list of intrepid female explorers with this ankle boot by Sorel.  Its two-tone leather exterior, double buckle and heels (with tread!) and cushioned footbed carry you to and through destinations unknown.  


Can’t make it to our shoe show on Friday?  We’ve got you covered.  Shop online 24/7 at hipandhumble.com

Just saved “H & H Shoe Show” to your iCalendar?  We can’t wait to see you!  Stop by any time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on Friday, October 5 for mimosas, free swag, face time with OTBT, Kork-Ease and Sorel reps and, best of all, first dibs on our fall shoe lineup.  

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