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Mood Patch Eye Gels

Mood Patch Eye Gels

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Don't think you have sensitive skin? Guess again! The skin under your eyes is the most delicate area on your face. Give it some regular TLC with these quick-fix eye gels by Patchology. 

Perk Up

When you feel like a zombie but want to feel like a cheerleader, perk up with these pep-squad approved ingredients:  

  • Green Tea reduces puffiness and boosts circulation 
  • Pine Leaf Extract detoxifies 
  • White Mulberry brightens 


Think of these eye gels like a power nap, but for your skin. These key ingredients refresh and restore: 

  • Evening Primrose detoxifies and smoothes
  • Calendula soothes inflammation 
  • Lavender relaxes the senses 

Happy Place

Remember the episode of Friends where Phoebe lets Monica borrow her happy place? We have it right here, in eye gel form. Key ingredients and their superpowers: 

  • Rose hydrates skin
  • Lotus flower softens and tones skin
  • Hibiscus detoxifies 



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