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14 Utterly Giftable Goodies Our Staff Is Loving Right Now

14 Utterly Giftable Goodies Our Staff Is Loving Right Now

Already feeling overwhelmed by holiday expectations? Suddenly crunched for time? What if driving in the snow just makes you want to cry? (*Raises hand*) However you’re feeling, you can bet the people on your gift list have felt a bit of it, too.

It seems kismet, then, that our staff-approved holiday gifts are all about self-care, cozy nesting and beautifying the little parts of your day. Because a satisfying holiday season is well within your reach—all of our reaches, in fact!

Whether it’s coming home to a puzzle in-progress on your coffee table or the promise of a post-family dinner detox bath, our 2019 staff gift picks are sure to give you—and your loved ones—the support you need this month.

Even better? You can shop all of these picks online, and still shop small. Just follow the underlined links!

Self-Care Gifts

Tub Teas

Ever wish your skin could drink in all the benefits of a cleansing cup of tea? It certainly can. Detoxify, rejuvenate and de-stress with these decadent, oversized Tub Teas, hand-selected for our gift guide by Brianna.

Cozy Slippers

We (read: Kate!) were thrilled when PJ Salvage, the coziest pajama line and H&H mainstay, expanded into slippers. These criss-cross slides come in charcoal and pink; don’t putter around your cold-tiled bathroom without them.

Hobo Bags

Beautiful bags can be therapeutic, take it from us. And giving Hobo’s timeless pieces is basically like gifting an heirloom. As Chelsey well knows, their high-quality leather only gets more beautiful with age.

Fjallraven Backpacks

And, as Laryssa well knows, our colorful selection of Fjallraven backpacks are the hands-free bags you never knew you needed.

Sweaters and Jackets

Fashion can be self-care, right? Staying warm certainly is! Chloe G. is enamored of our 2019 sweater and jacket selection, and can’t wait to give them away this year. Come on in and let her help you choose some for your own gift list.  

Gifts for Cozy Space-making

Ah, the power of scent. It evokes memories, changes your mood and sets the tone for your space. From candles to green home care, help your loved ones create a retreat from the holiday crowds. These gifts will be winners for people on your list who fall more into the “acquaintance” category, too. New boyfriend’s sister? Aloof coworker? Roland Pine diffusers all around. Problem solved. 

Roland Pine Collection

In fact, Hip & Humble stores smell of Roland Pine all season long! It’s the perfect blend of pine and cheer without being too overpowering. Available in diffusers and candles, and beloved by Aryn.  

Goji Tarocco Orange Candle Collection

Next, think of these candles like bling for your living room. Embossed glass and ornate Japanese designs complement a crisp goji tarocco orange scent, and clean-burning soy wax delivers fragrance to every corner of Layla’s space.

Thymes Frasier Fir Holiday Collection

Committed to clean cleaning supplies? Ruby’s pick, the Thymes Frasier Fir Holiday Collection, spreads essential-oil based cleanliness throughout your home.

Vetiver Sage Illume Kitchen Ensemble

Emily’s choice, the Vetiver Sage Illume Kitchen Ensemble delivers the same thing with a slightly less “in-your-face” holiday scent. Available in collections, so you can look put together when they’re finally unwrapped. 


Keep one going on your coffee table ‘til the new year! And when your friends unwrap their puzzles, you can tell them firsthand how cozy and calming “puzzling” can be, not to mention how satisfying it feels when the Women’s March-ers, cool cats and exotic cityscapes (Chloe L.’s picks) finally come together.

Gifts for Beautifying Simple Moments

We like our everyday jewelry to mean something. Between personalized zodiac pendants and sustainably made rings and necklaces—hand-stamped with quotes to help you navigate the chaos—it’s no wonder our staff can’t get enough of Wallin and Burkle + Chocolate and Steel.

We’re sure the soulful women on your list will feel seen and empowered when they unwrap these pieces.

Zodiac Pendants

Emery layers her zodiac pendants in bronze and silver for a mixed metal look. Why not buy your star sign and your daughter’s for her to wear together? The same approach would work for your long-distance bestie.

Chocolate and Steel Sustainable Jewelry

“Though she be but little, she is fierce” and “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!” In short, these quotes basically read “persist.” And the Hip & Humble woman is nothing if not resilient.

Our hand-stamped, quotable necklaces and rings come in sustainably made gold vermeil or sterling silver to suit picky jewelry wearers, like Liza. 

Cheeky Tea Towels

Equally quotable and uplifting—but in a different way!—are Kylee’s holiday gift picks: tea towels with sass. One of these is sure to fit the many shades of irreverence rippling through your friend group.

Coffee Mugs

Sheridan thinks you should let these cute animals and decaffeinated sentiments—"the hell you looking at?" "exhale the bullshit" and "draggin' ass"—camp out in your cubicle for a bit of collaborative, caffeinated rebelliousness.

Shopping small means shopping thoughtfully. So shop with us! In stores or online at hipandhumble.com.

Happy holidays!


The gang at Hip & Humble  

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