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Can We Help You Tell Your Love Story?

Can We Help You Tell Your Love Story?

Love is different every time. What has 15 years of reading the “Modern Love” column taught us, if not this? Love can be passionate, quiet, slow, tied up in a bow or hiding in plain sight. It can be patient, flooding, surprising and persistent. Whatever it is, it tells a story.

And, it’s founded on communication! But because we aren’t living in a Jane Austen novel where love letters arrive on silver trays, and because now more than ever our means of communication—texts, memes, DMs, snaps and even the increasingly vintage email—are evolving quicker than we can keep up, we’ve compiled ways for you to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to every kind of love relationship in your life!

Whether it’s furry friends, traditional SOs, a ride-or-die set of roommates or your newest mini me, our gift list is nothing if not expansive. 

If you’re the type to send a love letter to your SO:

Whiskey Cup Set in Smoke

Ice can dilute the rich, smoky flavors of your SO's beloved beverage—especially in a high-shelf bottle. Pair these glasses with a fancier vintage, and you’ve got yourself a thoughtful gift that gives and gives. Bonus: it’s a set of two, so you can imbibe, too.

A Book of Love Spells for the 21st Century

We love a grand, symbolic gesture. (Read: Romeo at Juliet’s balcony.) And we think they pack a punch! Shape your lover's romantic world with this whimsical set of love spells, rooted in very real and very magical tomes of times past. 

If you’re always sending memes to your roommates:

Patchology Mood Masks

From thirsty to hostile and sleepy to spotty, Patchology has a mask for your skin’s every mood! Formulated with intention and care—and natural elements like, algae, tea tree oil and seaberry extract— we recommend gifting your roomies a whole arsenal. Because skin gets moody, too.    

Patchology Mood Patches 

You wear sunscreen. You wear eye cream. But do you wear Mood Patches? The skin below your eyes is one of the most sensitive, delicate places on your face—treat it accordingly! Your girlfriends can perk up, wind down and find their happy places with these quick-fix eye gels from Patchology. 

Blue Q Socks 

These tongue-in-cheek socks by Blue Q will fit every type of humor floating around your friend group.  

If you’re waiting for your little one to learn to read love notes: 

Letters to My Baby Book 

Calling all moms: newborn time is crazy time, is it not? This little treasure offers 12 fold-and-mail letters with prompts to help you capture the beautiful memories of baby’s first years.

Pour your heart out, postdate ‘em, seal ‘em up, and voila! A perfect graduation/wedding/any other milestone gift. Completely priceless.  

Dress-up + Build-it Magnet Activity Sets

Remember those “poetry in a box” magnets? Well, think of this cat fashion magnet set like a love poem in outfits! Stick them to your fridge, or gift them to your little one. Little lovers of Mary Shelley’s novel can get their “Dr. Frankenstein” on with our second, monstrous mix ‘n match magnet set. 

Bloomability Mug

Okay, two words: winter florals. Is there anything better? When mist, clouds and snow abound—and when your little is napping, of course—fill this mug to the brim with your steaming beverage of choice. 

If you’re trying your best to speak “kitten” or “puppy”:  

Cat People, Dog People Dishtowels

Our short lists for “people we want to meet” and "people we love" are short. Very short. Ready for it? “1. Dogs,” and "1. Cats." End lists. 

Pet Mom Tattoo Mugs

If you’re considering a “cat mom” or “dog mom” tattoo, why not start with this Sailor Jerry-style tattooed coffee mug?

It’s larger than normal—to hold all your love, of course—and features bright, stamped designs on dishwasher safe stoneware.  

Cat Tarot Card Set 

We think your cat is clairvoyant. Don’t you? So let this deck of prophetic kittens divine your future. 

If your Valentine is, well, yourself!

Tarot Affirmations

Self-care should be a daily thing. The tarot can be, too! Help yourself to this 78 card self-help deck. It’s cheaper than therapy, and wiser than friends. 

Sorel Lolla Cut-out Boots

Got a quirky sock and/or tights collection? This boot’s for you. A well-placed cut out means you’re always showing colored sock, patterned tight or a hint of ankle with this versatile favorite by Sorel. 

Fifteen Twenty Suede Trench

What’s the best way to hop on this winter’s “leather, leather everywhere” trend? Buy faux, of course!  Treat yourself and treasure this trench for seasons to come.

Gifts are a love language. And we know you're writing lots of different love stories! What do you say, can we help you write that Valentine's Day scene?

Shop our love stories online or in person, at Station Park, SLC or Bountiful. 

Happy Valentine's Day from the ladies, puppies, roomies, babies and lovers of Hip & Humble!


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