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10 H&H ways to connect and thrive while staying home.

10 H&H ways to connect and thrive while staying home.

Dearest queens of loungewear and newly minted members of the “Stay Home Club,” this post is for you. For your kids, for your kitchen, and for your peace of mind. If “self-quarantine,” “social distancing,” and “shelter in place,” — the hip new words to describe our beloved introverting behavior — have left you feeling disconnected from your friends, your habits or even yourself, we’re here to offer some Hip & Humble wisdom on reconnecting.

And we deliver. Same-day! If you live within the Salt Lake Metro area and need anything you see here, online, or on our Instagram feed right now today, we can make it happen. So, why not ship to your friend who lives alone, your grandmother up the street or an anxious neighbor? Live outside the valley? All orders over $50 ship free.

Now, read on for our survival — or dare we call it “thrive-all?” — guide. Because the ways we practice self-care, care for our loved ones, destress, unwind and create in our homes haven’t changed — all that much, anyway.

That said, surviving the switch to home school, video meetings, and lots more foot traffic in the kitchen might make you want to hit something. Anything. So just make sure you’re holding one of these when you do it. A Hip & Humble classic, our Dammit Dolls are fully stocked, user-friendly and available online.  

Are you anxiously cleaning to calm your anxiety? While the smell of bleach and chemicals might be a comfort, it’s possible to clean effectively without sacrificing your home’s airflow, your skin, or your body’s internal balance.

Check out our essential oil-based and biodegradable cleaning collections, and take it one room at a time.

What song are you singing while you wash your hands? Something about…fish scales, maybe? Clean and care for your over-washed hands with these simple yet luxe French soaps.

They’re handcrafted in France with shea butter and pure vegetable ingredients, which means they go easy on the most sensitive skin!

When you finish cleaning, drape a lavender neck wrap over your shoulders for a weighted, relaxing “hug,” and keep the aromatherapy going!

These printed cotton wraps are handmade on the west coast and can be used hot or cold.

Now, how do you keep your littles going while they’re stuck at home, which just happens to also be your new office? Introduce glitter, and regularly.

These color-changing gel crayons glide smoothly, distribute pigment consistently and lift spirits instantly. Use them to start color-coded bullet journaling, create name tags for stuffed animals, or even grocery lists and chore charts.

Got little hands and artistic hearts? Try these Chunkies Paint Sticks. Both our gel crayons and paint sticks are no-smudge and washable.  

When you “clock out” from hanging with your laptop on the couch — er, working from home — is your mind still running? Try puzzling! It’s a therapeutic distraction with a very satisfying outcome. Did we mention it’s pretty?

If you can’t meet your friends for regular book club/wine night/yoga class, these feminist postcards are a fabulous way to empower each other from a distance. Emily McDowell's always honest, sometimes tongue-in-cheek designs speak to the female experience in just the utterly relatable and uplifting ways we need right now. 

Are you meal-planning, lately? Maybe keeping local restaurants afloat with takeout orders? A good mix of both?

Whether it's leftover takeout or your ninth iteration of mac 'n cheese, you can avoid plasticky toxins — and that strange aftertaste — by upgrading your Tupperware to these cool blue or pastel pink glass containers by Core. Bamboo lids with concave surfaces can double as cutting boards, and the whole set accommodates a full meal. Talk about prepared.

Since your commute has significantly shortened — bed to kitchen to couch? — you can now legitimately wear pajamas all day, so you’re going to need some options.

Are you wearing your pajamas, yet? Good! The only thing you’re missing now is probably this pre-chilled, ergonomic wine glass. There’s a color here for almost every day of the week, which, in this survival/thrive-all guide, is certainly not a coincidence.

Our doors might be closed, but we’re hoping to see your smiling faces online (tag us with your H&H goods!) or even briefly during Salt Lake Metro delivery. Know that we are still here for you and incredibly grateful for your continued support. In the words of the immortal Diana Ross, we will survive.

Love love love,

The ladies of Hip & Humble

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