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Where There Is Summer, There Are Picnics.

Where There Is Summer, There Are Picnics.

By now you’ve probably seen it: a birds-eye view of social-distancing circles in Brooklyn’s Domino Park; symmetrical white spheres of generous size, painted onto the green Williamsburg grass a safe 6 feet apart from fellow picnickers.

Well rest assured, dear H&H devotees, everything in this blog post can fit comfortably into a socially distanced picnicking circle (yes, picnicking is a verb!) and it’s going to give you a welcome reprieve from the four walls of your home and kitchen. Dine-in restaurants may still be closed — and it’s for the best, of course — but why not create your own bit of culinary fancy whilst dining safely al fresco? Investing in a picnic setup and a picnic getup will last you through a different kind of summer, and beyond.

We’re always reflecting on what it means to consume around here, both literally — chilled pinot grigio and fresh charcuterie from Liberty Heights, perhaps? — and figuratively — your newest Kindle book, your social media feed and your daily news sources, to name a few. What’s in your fridge, your e-reader and your digital shopping cart?  

One thing we love to provide is alternatives to single-use packaging (and single-season fashions, for that matter.) So when you venture out for a pandemic-friendly, open air picnic, consider housing your eats and your beverages in sustainable materials or reusable containers, and dressing your body in timeless pieces you’ll wear for all the summers to come. Because where there is summer, there will be picnics.

Let's start with the best foundation for any picnic: a durable, packable picnic blanket. This one even rolls up into a compact bundle with a handle to boot. (Snag the matching plaid cooler while you're at it.) 

To picnic is to create a bit of a nesting doll effect: first, containers to house your food and drink, followed by one big tote for schlepping it all. May we recommend the die-hard Deano bag by Scout? 

The nature of picnic fare demands its portability — a moveable feast, if you and Hemingway will — and these reusable glass containers are a great place to start. 

If space in your picnic bag is a hot commodity, these collapsible silicone containers in jewel-toned hues will streamline your post-meal pack.  

Next, why carry your wine by hand? Or deplete your local wine store of single-use paper bags? Bring your vino, water bottles and other libations along to your picnic in our new drawstring totes, made with insulated canvas and willow.

Your wine glasses deserve a cozy, shatter-free home too. This traveling wine glass set comes with removable stems and a reusable case. 

If lemonade and mocktails are more your speed, why not invest in a set of portable hobnail glasses? This textured style was popular in the Victorian era, when picnics were also very much en vogue! 

It wouldn't be a picnic without a baguette in tow! Made of 100% organically grown bamboo, this French bread board comes with a dish for infused oils or herb butters and slicing slots to ensure everyone gets their fill.

Think of these placemats like a picnic blanket just for your food. How cute! Its fringed ends are playful and vintage inspired, and pink, orange and sea green threads are woven together for a textured finish. 

The paper tissue rainbows in our windows may need a little refresh, but that’s why this pillow exists! Perfect for Pride month and to remind yourself that hope is free. Packing pillows on picnics is an easy way to up the lounge factor, too. 

Now that you have your picnic setup squared away, let's move on to your picnic getup. A black satin camisole is pretty much the perfect outfit canvas; and easy, classic pieces like this lightweight midi skirt are styles that transcend trends and seasons. Most importantly, this pairing is undeniably comfortable. 

If you're picnicking solo, why not bring your own bouquet? This floral blouse features mini puff sleeves and a smocked panel, sure to keep you in fashionable company. 

Shop all of our picnicking picks online here, and don't forget to come see us from 12-5 pm in both locations! We're committed to keeping you safe, to creating a welcoming space for everyone in our community, and to bringing joy, beauty and whimsy into every corner of your Hip & Humble lifestyle.  

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