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Eating Alfresco: Playing With Our Food

Eating Alfresco: Playing With Our Food


If you’re mindfully creating beauty in the little moments that are part of your daily rituals, you’re setting yourself up to live creatively, which is really to live artfully. In a time when so many of our physical worlds have been whittled down to the radius of our backyards, our tiny apartment balconies, and local hiking trails or parks (if we’re lucky!) starting to notice moments like these can help us to see more of them.


That’s right. Training our brains to create, notice, and value beauty can be an act of self-care during this time of global social and cultural revolution. But before we get too abstract, let’s start small! Let’s start with eating.

With the ongoing eating-at-home culture set to continue for the foreseeable future, you might be yearning for the thoughtfully designed interiors and immersive aesthetic experience that’s part of visiting your favorite local restaurants. We mean, takeout only goes so far! But Hip & Humble is finding ways to make the alfresco dining experience more beautiful and more fun, which can in turn rejuvenate you and your creativity, and that of your loved ones!  

Everything you’ll see in our Eating Alfresco roundup is available online and in our three – soon to be four! – locations. We also offer free same-day delivery on orders over $30 in the Salt Lake metro area. Can’t wait? Try our curbside delivery option. And when you do venture beyond your door, don’t forget to wear your mask. Shop our delightful mask designs here.  

To sum up: giving your eye something new to look at, to taste and to touch can help make the ongoing eating at home culture more fun, beautiful and safe. Many of the products you see here are even environmentally friendly. Think bamboo and wood dinnerware, cloth napkins, glass cocktail cups and even a recyclable butcher paper tablecloth, so you’re simulating that dining-out, “doodle at dinner” experience for your kids. 

Let’s get started!

Heirloom Cotton Eyelet Midi Dress

If you only buy one dress this summer, let it be the Heirloom Midi. It checks all the boxes on our “prairie dress of our dreams” list, and Tessa virtually floats around these photos in its cotton eyelet goodness. Can you see yourself wearing one in your outdoor space?

Bloom Vase

This vase can make your work as a dinner table florist quick, efficient and consistently chic. With eight evenly spaced transparent “floating” glass tubes, all you’ll need to do is pick your favorite blooms!

Enameled Acacia Wood Bowl with Flowers

Getting through your salad just got a lot prettier. Enameled poppies in earthy red and soft pink are rendered in acacia wood, making this is a truly display-worthy dish and an easy complement to any live flower arrangement.


Lemon Salt and Pepper Shakers

You thought they were real, too? With these asymmetrical lemon salt and pepper shakers, you’ll always have a bit of summery yellow citrus on the table.


Beautiful Beverage Vessels

Bring Hip & Humble teal to your dining alfresco setup with these beautiful textured wine glasses and hobnail tumblers. Hobnail glass (that’s those textured bits!) was popular during the Victorian era, so they’ll probably make you feel a little Alice in Wonderland-y, too. Don’t forget the matching pitcher.    


Paulownia Wood Tray

This one’s best for florals and blooms ‘cause it’s not foodsafe, but it’s hand-carved in a warm neutral tone, warp-resistant, and we’ve given you some styling inspiration to boot!


Platters and Plates

Black and white, but make it patterned! Have fun layering your dishes with these truly artful plate and platter designs.

This mini collection is covetable and something you’ll probably want to keep on display when not in use.

Cheers to you, dear friends! Truly. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re so grateful for your ongoing support. Check out the rest of our Eating Alfresco collection and our latest arrivals online!

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