Unity with Women of the World

Jane Stringham

Posted on August 03 2020

Unity with Women of the World

5. Five! That is the number of years we’ve been supporting Women of the World, an organization that connects, empowers and celebrates women of all colors and cultures as they rebuild communities — and become our neighbors — right here in Salt Lake City. You can see how we’ve worked with WoW in the past, and today we’re thrilled to announce a simple way you can support them, too.  

We know the BLM movement has brought to harsh, front-and-center light so many heartbreaking injustices that have long existed in our country. It’s provided a platform for voices at their wits’ end, mindsets that have reached breaking points, and we are grateful for the new ways these voices are teaching us to be allies.

We want to keep uplifting, listening to and learning from the women in our community. 

So, in support of intersectional feminism and the wonderful women of WoW, we are introducing the H&H UNITY teeFor every UNITY t-shirt sold in August, we will donate 50% of the profit to Women of the World.

When you buy a tee, you fund an organization that advocates for economic empowerment, community building and the self-reliance of women who have been forced to resettle — into your neighborhoods and ours — under extremely difficult circumstances. Now more than ever, we need to keep community resources like these available to those who need them most. 

Our Unity tees are something to celebrate. Get yours here or in the shops! We hope these simple, yet powerful tees will help us to feel unified in a time where working together can mean keeping our distance.


Stay close, stay safe. 



Hip & Humble 

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