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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Beloved but picky, easygoing yet particular, eclectic and fussy …does this sound like the pile of personalities on your gift list, yet? Well, we wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true: there’s something for everyone at Hip & Humble right now. Our staff is confident the following gifts, carefully curated and sorted loosely by category for easy browsing, will lift your beloved, picky, carefree, eclectic and fussy friends' and family’s spirits this year. 

Shop all of our picks online, or call/text to order at 801-467-3130! Super easy. We offer free same-day delivery on all orders over $30 and within 4 miles of each of our street locations: SLC, Bountiful, and Station Park in Farmington.

So, save our number! (801-467-3130.) That way, you can shoot us a text next time you see something you love on Instagram before it's up on the site. 

HOME SCENTS (Candles, diffusers and more)

We’re lucky to have noses right now, in this golden age of artisan perfumers and a time when scent is a central part of home décor. The best thing about gifting a candle or diffuser? A small one goes a long way in transforming someone’s space! Like, football fields long. Okay, at least 15’ x 20’ living rooms long. Talk about bang for your holiday gifting buck. 

Sydnie’s pick: The Roland Pine Collection

"Love, love, love our Roland Pine collection. It's the perfect scent to get the holidays started! This is all anyone with an artificial tree needs to make their home smell like fresh pine!"

Harris’ pick: The Winter White Collection

"The Winter White collection by Illume brings joy into any space I put it in! Lighting this scent can turn any environment into a cozy relaxing winter hideout! Whenever company is over, they always ask for it to be lit!"

Erin’s pick: Grass Laundry Line

"The Good Home Grass laundry items are some of the best products we have. They take mundane tasks and elevate them into something you look forward to doing!"

Abby H.'s pick: The Vetiver Sage Collection

"My favorite H&H item is anything Vetiver Sage-scented. I love burning these candles and cleaning with these products in my home. They fill each room and give my house that 'homey' scent! When I have guests over, the compliments are endless."

Megan’s pick: Wild Fig Diffuser

"My favorite gift is the Wild Fig diffuser. My mom always keeps it around the house, and we are constantly getting compliments on it. It smells great, and it's my family's go-to gift!"

Abby S.’ pick: Linen and Honeysuckle Candle

"This is the perfect candle to have on your bedside table, I couldn’t live without it. And I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love it!"


We’ve been taking special care to support local restaurants, but curbside pickup can’t be a thing every night! That’s where these gifts come in: simple, straightforward cookbooks, eco-friendly cleaning tools and the perfect mugs for post-dinner beverages. 

Regan’s pick: How to Be Vegan and How to Be Gluten Freepaired with salad servers or a whisk 

"My go-to gift for all ages and genders are the How to Be Vegan and How to Be Gluten Free cookbooks with pretty salad servers or a whisk! Coming up with a creative recipe to make is daunting, I love to dog ear a few pages and write little notes to my friends to inspire them a little! Plus everyone needs cute kitchenware!!"

Henry’s pick: Swedish Dishcloths

"We always have these compostable cleaning cloths at home, and I don’t know how I’d survive without them. They’re always useful and last for a long time."

Harris, Regan and Abby’s picks: HBIC and Shitshow Mugs

"The HBIC and Welcome to the Shitshow glasses are the perfect delicate gift for anyone in need of a good laugh. With a mix of good humor and class, what could go wrong?"


Two parts “wear when you venture into the winter” and two parts “wear when you are world weary,” our staff’s wardrobe enhancing gift choices are kind of rooted in self-care. (Yes, fashion can be self-care too!) 

Brianna’s picks: Beanies and Scarves 

"My favorite gift to give this season is our adorable beanies and scarves! They are the perfect way to elevate your style AND stay nice and warm this winter! We have a lot of colors and patterns, so you'll be sure to find one that will complement every lady in your life."

Jessica’s pick: Sorel 'Out and About' Boots 

"The Sorel Out and Abouts are a great shoe for the winter season. They are both casual and fashion forward, and pair well with any winter outfit!"

(Act fast: these keep selling out!)

Emily’s pick: Lavender Neck Wraps

"Our natural lavender scented neck wraps are to die for! They are my go-to gift any person that could use some extra love and coziness in their life. Shout out to all of the hardworking women out there!! These are for you!!"

(Shop Emily's Fair Isle PJs, too!)

Emma’s pick: Chillout PJ Set

"They are my favorite because they're so soft and so stylish, I also just love being cozy!"

GET BUSY! (Things to do)

These gifts will help channel a burst of creativity, sate an urge to connect, and help manifest the future (we see you, 2021!) for the more "type A" personalities on your list. 

Trisha's pick: 2021 Planners

"I am loving the new 2021 calendars!! They are a fun way to make goals, and prioritize the most important things in life! And they come in such unique and personable designs."

Layla's pick: Puzzles

"Puzzles are the best gifts for all ages! I love how they are all unique and have tons of color! They are also fun to work on with friends and family to create a fun memory!"

Valva's pick: Mr. Rogers Everything Book

"When my children were young in the 70s, busy watching Sesame Street, I would always stop what I was doing and go sit with them to watch Mr. Rogers. One half hour of positivity, kindness and love every day, what could be better?"

There you have it, fellow 2020 warriors! A foolproof gift guide, straight from the knowledgeable mouths of our H&H staff. Remember, you can shop our gift guide online, place orders by calling/texting us at 801-467-3130, or shop in-person at our meticulously clean and sanitized storefronts. Your support means so much to us, especially this year. Shopping small, local and women-owned is the best way to put your money where your heart is.   

Happy holidays from H&H!

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