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Ready to Celebrate...All Year!

Ready to Celebrate...All Year!

 Happy New Year!!!  And we are so excited to say that. 

I woke up this morning completely at a loss for a New Year’s Resolution.  It actually made me sad and confused to not have a determined direction.  Especially after this year where I put my head down and tactically maneuvered my company in ways I never thought I would do and at such a fierce speed that honestly would have, under any other circumstances, taken me years to achieve.  This was the most professionally challenging year in my career.  The ups and downs, the unknowing and the unthinkable of actually shutting doors for weeks on end was terrifying.  Losing it all was very real and so overwhelming.

Not only was this year about my professional journey but about my awesome family.  We hunkered down and we worked our butts off.  We tied bows on product at home and delivered purchases all over the valley. 

It’s also about my staff who stuck with me through all of this and were immensely flexible, brave and conscientious. 

And finally, this year was about YOU, our customers.  You gave us your support and your dollars.  You sent us notes of encouragement and texts reminding us to self-care.  You shopped with us differently than before and you TRUSTED us to do it right.  For that I am so grateful and humbled. 

For everything we faced this year at Hip & Humble our achievements were equally as big.  We dove deep into our online platform, launched a gift delivery service, rolled out our updated brand identity, opened TWO shops at the SLC International Airport,

developed and committed to a plan supporting women of color in our community, created a Holiday Service Plan to keep our customers safe during hectic holiday shopping

...and we introduced our new little shop dog Maeby.


So, this morning as I find myself searching for a clear direction, a goal or a resolution all I can think about is “We made it!”  So instead of piling on more unfathomable goals how about we relish in what we accomplished?  How about Hip & Humble spends a year celebrating our survival and even more our incredible feats of opening Airport Stores and Online Platforms?  How about we celebrate our customers and what you did for us!  And while we take this year to eek out all the joy we’ve had to suppress, hold on tight for there is always more and exciting things to come from this little company that made it through 2020.

With much much love,





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  • Marianne Welch

    What an amazing and humble testimony to your resilience and resourcefulness to shine in what was an unbelievably difficult year! Cheers to your leadership that shines bright through your dedicated and caring staff and your loyal and appreciative customers. I hope to meet you in person in 2021 and have the opportunity to work with you as a caring and loyal sales rep.

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