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Love Stories, 2021-Style

Love Stories, 2021-Style

In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess…it’s a love story, baby, just say ‘yes.’” And there we have it.

Love story, end scene. Fin. Right?

Not always! Love stories are different every time. But one thing stays the same in the rotating cast of characters: you’re the one writing your story. And meaningful gifts, dear H&H readers, will keep your love stories alive — especially when we’re sending love from a distance. 

So, for our annual Valentine’s Day blog and gifting-made-easy pick list, we’re focusing on four different love stories that make our hearts flutter: puppy love, self-love, friend love (framily!) and parenting love.  

Can we all agree that one of the best parts of love stories is beginnings? Don’t couples love the question “how did you meet?” We kind of have new beginnings on our mind anyway, so we’re asking the lovely lovers from four different stories to tell us three things: 1. How it all started 2. How H&H is helping them tell their 2021 love story, and 3. What, in fact, are their COVID-19 era V-Day plans?


How did your love story start? 

MEGAN: Maeby is our shop dog! I had no idea my boss (Sheridan) decided to get a dog until she had brought this adorable little blue heeler puppy into the store. 

HENRY: I had a similar experience, Maeby was a surprise. She makes the shop so much more fun and lively, even though she distracts me some of the time. But I love the distraction.

How does H&H help you speak your love language? 

MEGAN: Well, we wouldn't have Maeby without Hip & Humble. She comes into the store and gives the whole team a morale boost — I'm getting distracted by her right now, actually!

How is Maeby helping you cope during COVID? 

MEGAN: I don't get to see my dogs because I don't get to go home to my family, I'm trying to stay with my roommates. Getting to see Maeby is really good for me. I need a daily dog dose, I'm sure there are people in similar situations! 

HENRY: The customers love seeing Maeby, too. In harsh mental times like COVID, Maeby is a real bolster to our days and mental health. 

What are your V-Day plans? 

MEGAN: I don't really have any, aside from sending our cat and dog-lover gift bundles to some friends!

Dog Lover Gift Bundle

Cat Lover Gift Bundle 1 

Cat Lover Gift Bundle 2


How did your love story start?

HARRIS: Oh, let's see, my self-care story probably began after I got out of my first relationship, things kind of came tumbling down and I had to find it within myself, that I love my self, and that I didn't need someone else to be there in order to be successful, happy and feel full. 

How does H&H help you speak your love language?

HARRIS: Everyone that comes into Hip & Humble is so unique. I get to meet all kinds of people, and from each person you get to take a little bit of something and it makes you who you are. 

How are you caring for yourself during COVID?

HARRIS: Self-care during covid was hard in the beginning, you're used to being around so many people and then all you have is yourself. The top three things I've done is finding one little thing you can do when you're alone that you enjoy; for me that's been making rings. Another thing I've learned to do is get outside when you can, the outdoors is always going to be there. Third, really focus on what you're good at. 

What are your V-Day plans?

HARRIS: I don't have any solid plans! Probably just curling up in pajamas and doing anything that I wouldn't do on a school day, like lighting a candle and throwing a handful of our Peace Train bath salts into a bubble bath. 

Self-Care Gift Bundle 1

Self-Care Gift Bundle 2


How did your love story start?

SONI: Ann is our common denominator. Mutual friends always help you find more girlfriends. 

How does H&H help you speak your love language?

ANN: Ooooh, you always need gifts, and at Hip & Humble you can always, always find something! 

Coffee Date Gift Bundle

How are you caring for your friends during COVID?

SIDNEY: I'm doing Diet Coke drop-offs. Communication is really important, texting at the very least. 

Dirty Girl Gift Bundle 

What are your V-Day plans?

SONI: I was just thinking about that. It's Ann's birthday and I usually take her out to dinner. Did you come out with us last year, Sidney? Oh no, you didn't, you were in New York. Yeah, we'll do something with the family and kids, and this year, maybe and outdoor dinner. 

ANN: Or, let's do girls' night in on FaceTime? 

Girls' Night In Gift Bundle


How did your love story start?

CHELSEA: So Harlo is my last baby of three daughters, and my love for Harlo really began when I found out I was pregnant, you know, the anticipation that goes along with that, watching my body transform to nourish her. I think pregnancy is something very sacred, beautiful and miraculous. And then the magic, the true reality happens as soon as you hear their first little cry! When they're born, you hold them and look at them and it's unreal, your heart's gonna explode three times over. I think pregnancy is the most beautiful thing ever. 

How does H&H help you speak your love language?

CHELSEA: I truly feel like women in general need to feel comfortable with what they're in, and all of Hip & Humble's jammies are so lush, buttery soft on the inside. Purple is my favorite color, too and I love the lavender detail on this already flattering pattern.

CHELSEA: We also love to read, there's a lot of special time with your children if you just take the time to sit down and read with them. It sparks conversation, you can talk about the book, I can tell that Love is Powerful would make me cry. 

Kids Gift Bundle

CHELSEA: Coloring is another special time for creativity, learning colors...the best part of the markers is that they are scented, seriously! And the coloring book itself pulls Harlo in with the cute art. 

Princess Fairy Gift Set

How are you caring for Harlo during COVID?

CHELSEA: Honestly, I am trying to keep things as much the same and normal for my kids as possible. We are avid mountain bikers and skiers, so I try to think about a trifecta: their physical, mental and emotional health. Harlo has a little bike seat with mini handle bars that connect to my bike, and she sits on my bike with me and we just go to the mountains and we ride these little trails, so that's huge. Anything outdoors really!

Mom Gift Bundle

Thanks to our staff and collaborators for letting us share their love stories, and remember: you can shop our Valentine's Day gift bundles online or in stores. We do delivery, too!  

When you shop H&H, you're supporting a local, woman-owned boutique that loves you — and our local SLC, Bountiful and Farmington communities. Happy Valentine's Day! 


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