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Curbside Pickup Special

Curbside Pickup Special

What’s going on in your front yard? Cutie kids setting up lemonade stands? Rosé all day and lawn chair lounging?

Well, our front yard is in the midst of a facelift. And we get it — 900 South needs a makeover — but we’re just the slightest bit concerned we might not get to see your lovely faces because of all the dust.

So, we’ve put together a special offer for construction season:

When you shop H&H online, select “pick up at SLC.” We’ll text you when your purchase is packaged up pretty and deliver it to you curbside. Simple as that!

Think of it like an H&H drive through, but instead of fries you’re scoring beautiful shoes, summer-ready barware and poolside essentials like these:

Fortress of Inca Michelle Slip-On Mule

Pastel Stemless Wine Glasses

Poolside and Picnic Pocket Rocket

We’ll see you soon! Again, shop online and pick up curbside at H&H SLC. Or, park anywhere along McLelland Street.

Because our doors are absolutely still open, even if the sidewalk is closed.


The girls of H&H   

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