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3 Big Secrets to Hip & Humble Staying Power

3 Big Secrets to Hip & Humble Staying Power

There’s a reason we stock jewelry bearing the quote, "nevertheless, she persisted" — which channels the fervor and determination of women in 2019 — and our reason is this: we are those women. You are those women.

At H & H we are never stagnant, never static; we are dynamic, striving, seeking, learning. “Nevertheless.” That, dear friends, is our formula for engaging with our community.

It’s certainly kept us around for twenty years! And we’ve faced some doozies along the way — but we keep celebrating, we keep up our lights on, and we keep giving back. Consider this post a little visual window into our world. And remember, our door is always open, too.


We’ll start with our biggest “nevertheless,” as of late: the 9th and 9th road construction just outside our front door. It is persistent indeed. But we are too! And we’ll outlast it, with a made-over street as the neighborhood reward.

Take a moment and imagine what it’s like to hang with a construction team all day. It’s messy, it’s loud and it limits mobility — in our case, that means parking. (As a side note, you can always park along McLelland street or in our back driveway!)


This didn’t stop us from hosting our community self-defense class right where we did last year, in the front yard on 9th and 9th. The class is becoming an annual thing and we love it.

This year, we invited anyone in the community to drop in and learn the basics. Some of our fave customers stopped by and we met some new faces, too.


Which brings us to a celebration very close to our hearts: dear Jo, our brilliant Bountiful manager, is tying the knot!

We’ve talked about practice, about adapting and persisting with routine in the face of obstacles (keeping the lights on during the 9th and 9th facelift, ahem). A wedding shower is a similar ritual — it celebrates one of life’s tone shifts and it gave us a chance to spoil our Jo.

The wedding shower actually dates back to Victorian England, when women would place small gifts and notes in an open parasol, literally “showering” the bride-to-be.

We’ve clearly put our 2019 H&H twist on it, with flower-arranging, summer brights, al-fresco dining and, of course, a bit of prosecco to toast our Jo and her new marriage! We didn’t forget the gifts, either.

In short, dear readers, these are the ways that we persist. And at H&H, we celebrate while we do.

To see the goodies we’ve brought in for you lately, or how to create a bridal shower similar to Jo’s, shop online here (remember, curbside pickup is a thing!) or swing by one of our Bountiful or Salt Lake stores. Like we said, our doors are persistently, truly, always open.  


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