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Not Your Average Gift Guide: A Holiday Map to Killin' It

Not Your Average Gift Guide: A Holiday Map to Killin' It

Disclaimer: this isn’t your average gift guide.  Oh, no.

Unlike those soulless lists of gadgets floating around the internet, our collage of staff picks boasts heart, hard-won experience and a whole lot of fashion-meets-function.  In fact, why don’t you think of it less like a guide and more like a map?  Because we know too well that holiday shopping can resemble a frenzied uphill climb, where you are elbowing other hikers (ahem, shoppers) for the last princess unicorn doll on the tree branch…er, shelf.

Don’t wear yourself out. 

With the Hip & Humble ladies on your team, holiday shopping can be more about the journey and less about the destination.  That is to say, less about that holiday morning payoff and more about the thoughtful process of selecting souvenirs for everyone on your list. 

Souvenirs, indeed: we’d say that our little shops are decked in the vein of a sightseeing trip.  It’s true!  Our merchandising team has crafted a scenic winter wonderland of color, style and variety for you to explore. 

As promised, here are the must-see pit stops—straight from the mouths of our well-versed staff. 

Chloe L. - Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

"I LOVE taking baths, and Harper and Ari sugar cubes just upped my game. They smell amazing and exfoliate so well! I take one in the bath and exfoliate with it, then drop the leftover cube in the water and my bath smells like real peaches (my favorite scent). I also love the discovery kit, because when you take a bath as much as me (everyday) it's fun to mix it up! They make the best girlfriend gifts, I'm getting one for all my friends this Christmas!  Be sure to grab one pre-wrapped in cellophane for the perfect grab-and-go gift this season!"


Mimi - Good Home Fragrance in Pure Grass

"I am absolutely obsessed with the Good Home Pure Grass fragrance! At Hip and Humble we like to call it H&H crack, and that could not be a more fitting title. Not only do my sheets and pillows smell like I walked into a field full of daisies and unicorns, but my house ends up smelling just as refreshing. It truly is magical how something can smell so good for so long. You probably think I'm exaggerating, but I only speak the truth: this product will rock your world!"

Chloe M. - All the Sweaters

"They are so soft and fuzzy!"

Isabella - Hobo Purses

"I love how Hobo doesn't waste any space with their designs for wallets and purses. You are getting the most bang for your buck! There are so many card slots and compartments to fit anything your heart desires! It's also real leather so it will last a lifetime. They have a variety of styles and colors so it's easy to find something special for any girlfriend on your list, or even if you just need to treat yourself!”

Markelle - Chocolate and Steel

"Chocolate and Steel is my favorite gift to give. I received the Joan of Arc quote 'I am not afraid. I was born to do this' as a holiday gift from my Grandmother years ago. It has since become my power totem that I wear on days I feel I need some extra strength and bravery. The jewelry is beautiful, simple, and timeless.  Each piece is handcrafted in a solar powered, ecofriendly studio by a small group of fantastic artists and I love every quote they have picked. The gift of words is special and unique to each person they are gifted to!"

Sheridan - Corkcicle Cups

"We are Corkcicle family.  I think we might have every color of their traditional travel cups.  Their 12oz tumblers are new to H&H this season, and they have now become Ryan and I’s favorite.  It's the perfect size for our morning coffee in the car or the evening cocktail on a stroll around our neighborhood.  Ryan loves the gunmetal and I am, of course, obsessed with the copper.  These are limited, people, so hurry in to grab your next perfect cup!"

Jo - Furry Slippers

"I don't know about you ladies, but my feet are cold all year round! That's why I love our furry slippers! They are so soft and cozy! And they're so cute! Might as well keep my feet warm in style!!"

Cassidy - Lavender Neck Wraps

"My favorite thing is our lavender neck wraps. These come in really cute patterns, smell just like real lavender and are instantly calming."

Destony - P.J. Salvage

"Say 'good-bye' to outdated sweat pants and t-shirts, and 'hello' to the comfiest, most coziest set of pajamas by the one and only P.J. Salvage pajama line. You’ll be looking stylish and feeling snug while relaxing during the crisp winter season. Enjoy the plush, homey feel of your pajamas from your head to your toes, and take comfort in knowing that you’ll never be chilly or uncomfortable in your jammies ever again!"

There you have it!  If you do get super crunched for time, however, and the thought of holiday shopping starts to make you sweat tinsel, we are no less here for you.  Pre-wrapped gifts outfitted in cellophane and bows—like Chloe L.’s Harper and Ari Sugar Cubes—abound in the wild that is Hip & Humble at the holidays. 

Come, see, grab and go!

 Ever-mindful of your gifting needs, both in-store and in our growing online shop, our staff makes mountains into molehills and gift lists into paper snowflakes.  Cut ‘em up, don’t wear yourself out, and remember: holiday shopping can be an adventuresome process.  Let us be your guides! 

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