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Sparking Joy <br>with Spring Cleaning

Sparking Joy
with Spring Cleaning

Marie Kondo has us begging our belongings to vibe and jive so that we can answer the question: “does this spark joy?” If we’re talking about the following H&H spring arrivals, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Let us show you why.

But first, where does the concept of “spring cleaning” come from, anyway? Back when kerosene and oil lamps were day-to-day things, cleaning your house required warm weather — you had to let that funk out through some open windows. Hence, spring cleaning. Warmth! Or warming up, anyway. Something we’re still working on in Hip & Humble’s neck of the woods.


You can rid your house of lingering smells — food, dog hair, mud tracked in, gym bags, less-than-clean-sinks — with each one of our favorite cleaning products by Beekman and Illume no matter the weather. And these scents are quite — how should we say? — sophisticated, indeed.

Think unexpected combinations, essential-oil-based blends and, when all is said and done, the kind of smell that makes you feel you’ve traveled somewhere elegant. And that somewhere has a very clean kitchen. When you’ve finished, light a candle for good measure. 


It’s called the “Happy Place” collection for a reason.


Happy Place Odor Eliminator

Try this non-toxic odor eliminator in gym bags, shoes, car, kitchen, under the bed, dog bed and curtains. This one's even safe enough for your skin! And leaves Beekman’s signature sweet grass scent.

Happy Place Dish Soap

Shop for dish soap just like you would body wash. This one’s natural, non-drying, and smells like fresh-cut grass.

Happy Place Multi-Surface Cleaner

Harsh chemicals leave residue on your counters, and that gets into the food you eat. Use the multi-surface cleaner for safer surfaces everywhere — not just the kitchen.

Waterless Dog Wash

We didn’t forget our furry friends! Waterless Dog wash cleans and deodorizes without stripping your pup's fur. Perfect for between-groomer spruce ups.


Unexpected scents for the unexpected visitor.


Petitgrain Basil Clean Kitchen Kit

Make the rites of spring (cleaning) a little bit fresher, a little bit cleaner and a little bit classier with this complete clean kitchen toolkit by Illume.


Oliver Jar Candle

All the other candles can't hold a candle to...this candle. (See what we did there?) Twisted rope gives the Oliver a nautical air, and its four unexpected scents — Grey Lavender, Mineral Thyme, Petitgrain Basil and Rosewater Sage — are equally crisp.

The concept of “spring cleaning” also stems from pure biology. That’s right, we just get more sluggish in the winter. Less light = more melatonin from our brains. But Daylight Saving Time is mere moments away! Say hello to more energy, more sunlight and a bright, clean home à la Hip & Humble.


We didn’t forget the spring fashion, either. Check out our toe-baring footwear and light, everyday pieces here, here and here.

Credits // Author: Jane Stringham. Photography: Jenna Evans.

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